Integration and load testing are in the list of best practices in our sector, but synthesizing good inputs for such tests and analyzing the results are usually two hard things to achieve. This post will show you how we suggest our customers set up a shadow testing system with minimal impact on the production environment and proper harness.

Quick overview

As pointed out at

Testing new backend features by using the production load.

When used with tools such as Diffy, traffic shadowing lets you measure the behavior of your service against live production traffic. …

Barcelona — 15th June 2020 — KrakenD today announced the availability of its API Gateway on , a catalog of trusted technology integrations to extend the functionality of Auth0’s identity management platform. KrakenD offers an ultra-performant API Gateway that allows companies to effortlessly adopt a microservices architecture through a powerful engine that can transform, aggregate, and remove data from their own or third-party services.

The KrakenD API Gateway serves as a unified interface for managing incoming API requests and connecting to the correct destination, while supporting functionalities across security, authorization, traffic management, observability, and load balancing, among others. When…

We have run our telemetry system live for the past three years now. In this article, we’ll share code and outline some of the things you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to build an anonymous usage reporting system for an open-source project as we did at a ridiculous cost.

We have an activity of 700,000 reporting servers/month with a monthly cost betwen 5 and 10 EUR ($12). …

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The gRPC protocol is becoming trendy in the era of microservices. Its compactness and backward-compatibility make it very attractive. However, it requires custom code to work with it. In this article, we’ll show you how to get all the benefits from the gRPC protocol and the gRPC-gateway without coding any business logic to use your gRPC services as regular backends. Moreover, avoiding the extra network hop!

This article begins with some introduction to gRPC services and how to build some demos using the available definitions. …

In this article we are going to show how to configure and deploy the KrakenD API Gateway in a kubernetes environment.

We will use for the demonstration so you cant test it in your own local machine.

Let’s get started!

Setting up a local Kubernetes

We will run Kubernetes locally thanks to Minikube. Just follow the in the project for the installation and the Quickstart section. Installing minikube it’s quick and easy.

$ minikube start
Starting local Kubernetes v1.7.5 cluster...
Starting VM...
SSH-ing files into VM...
Setting up certs...
Starting cluster components...
Connecting to cluster...
Setting up kubeconfig... …

The release of more than a year ago opened the door to loading dynamic linked components in run time, and we were keen to find out if we could include this great feature in our KrakenD toolbox.

We’d like to share our experience and details on how we enhanced our products to support golang plugins.

Why would anyone use plugins in Go?

The plugin concept is widely known and supported in several programming languages and environments. It gives third-party developers the ability to extend applications, adding new features or customizing behaviors, without touching a single line of the core application, while avoiding recompilation.

Our distribution…

KrakenD 0.4 materialises the we did 3 months ago by going full open source and public releasing the former enterprise-only components.

This release note comprehends both the KrakenD framework and the KrakenD Community Edition binary distribution.

KrakenD framework

The KrakenD framework, engine of the KrakenD API Gateway. The summary of changes introduced in the 0.4 are:

  • Removed ALL external dependencies and placed to krakend-contrib repositories
  • Decoder and Service Discovery register system
  • Response metadata
  • Response decoder and formatter exposed
  • Custom status code handler
  • Minor handler optimizations
  • Config version upgraded
  • Server configuration extended (with timeouts and limits)
  • Now non strict REST urls are…

Devops Faith

In development and operations we trust. Creators of KrakenD API Gateway

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